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Are Your Feet the Key to Better Health?

  Toxic elements are found everywhere in our lives, from the air to our tap water. One of the most effective ways to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and substances is through the feet. An ionic foot bath is a natural way to detox the body of heavy metals, toxins, and other unhealthy matter, while […]

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Tipping Point: Women’s Health Awareness

      Women often stay in touch with their caregiving nature and go out of their way for other people. They often balance work and managing a family. Sometimes we forget that we are all human and that we should spend more time being instead of always constantly doing. Our health is very important […]

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The Greatness of Green Tea

  I often prescribe green tea… YES prescribe it as though it is a drug.  It has many medicinal benefits as you will learn.  If I would HAVE to choose a panacea (A solution or remedy for all difficulties or disease) … this would be MY choice! If Green tea is new to you, don’t […]

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Pumping Iron: An Introduction to Men’s Health

  In our society, men are expected to be tough all the time, otherwise they will not be perceived as masculine. Due to the fact that men need to always keep this unrealistic expectation in mind, this can hinder them from seeking health care. June is Men’s Health Month and is meant to bring awareness […]

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Under Pressure: Hypertension Awareness

  One in three Americans have high blood pressure and often are unaware that they even have it. This can put health at risk since uncontrolled high blood pressure increases the chances of heart attack and stroke. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recent studies have even shown that high blood pressure […]

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Because the state of Michigan does not regulate or license the profession of naturopathic medicine, M. Samm Pryce, ND holds her license in VT and cannot diagnose or treat disease in MI. For this reason it is recommended that you continue to consult with your licensed medical doctor for any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment while seeing Dr Pryce in MI. For more licensing information and to help get ND's licensed here in MI, please click here.

The 5 (Must Have) Essential Oils Everyone should have in their home and the Favorites that Dr. Samm uses with her own family.