Being diagnosed with Hormone positive, HER- Stage Ib/IIa (depends which conventional doctor you ask) breast cancer in May of 2016. The news was devastating to say the least. I was told by my breast doctor that only surgery would be needed. Well low and behold after surgery and my labs coming back, it showed microscopic cells in 2 of 4 lymph nodes. However, since the detection of cells was so microscopic any metastasizing was undetermined. The radiologist oncologist wanted to do very invasive radiation to the upper left side of my chest. Since my diagnosis, I started an intensive juice protocol and started looking into natural supplements and protocols. I’m a fitness professional, studied nutrition, and have some nursing education so I have an understanding how the body functions and the importance of proper nutrition. After researching the side effects of radiation, I decided to refuse the treatment and started to look for a naturopathic/holistic doctor. I came to Dr. Pryce with an idea of what protocols and supplements I could do. I was excited after speaking with her that we were on the same page. Dr. Pryce order a full blood lab , hair analysis, and Nagalase Test. She put me on natural/herbal supplements to help control the hormones and to get my immune system to optimal level as well as started me on Mistletoe injection protocol. I feel very confident with Dr. Pryce and know that I can come to her with any lab request that my conventional doctors will not do. Many diseases/sickness can be related to nutritional deficiencies or a low immune system. Getting the body functioning properly, eating healthy and having a strong immune system is a priority in preventing and/or fighting disease/sickness. Since March 2017, my cancer enzyme test (Nagalase) has come back in a normal range. I will continue with my protocol, Mistletoe injections, monitoring my blood/lab work as well as getting the Nagalase test. Dr. Pryce has provided me with reassurance and guidance on the proper supplements and I know I can go to her for any questions or test requests I have/want. Thank you Dr. Pryce for all you have done!


“Thank you for your time today, you gave me faith that we will finally find the key to resolving these issues that have been weighing on me for more than a decade.  Your professionalism, care and concern are greatly appreciated, and something that I have not received from the conventional medicine doctors I have seen in the past.  Looking forward to getting back the results and working towards a resolution.”

Nzinga A. Harrison M.D.

“You’d think as a physician, I’d know all I need to know about healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and the impact those have on your ability to feel good. Indeed, I counsel my patients on those very things every day. But when I fell ill myself from migraines caused by an obscure surgical diagnosis and Candida overgrowth, I realized I had no idea. Even more importantly, I realized the other conventional physicians who were caring for me also had no idea how to guide me through the extra level of nutritional care that I needed to get healthy. It just wasn’t something we were taught in medical school. Enter Dr. Samm Pryce to the rescue! Her naturopathic training made her uniquely qualified to understand both the surgical and holistic aspects of my needs. She crafted a pre and post-surgical plan for me based on my blood type, diagnosis and dietary needs. I have to say I was initially very resistant when she told me I’d have to go a while without bread, fruit and dairy (I mean how DOES one eat breakfast?), but I trust her, and thank goodness I do. I have been following her recommendations to the tee, and my health is all the proof I need. Each day I feel myself not only getting back to the healthy self I was before I fell ill, but getting even healthier. For that, I thank Dr. Pryce and her unique Family Medicine-Naturopathic skill set.”
-Nzinga A. Harrison M.D.

T.H.- Ann Arbor

“Dr. Samm Pryce,
When I told you my lower back has been causing me distress since December I expected you to do as all the others did… put me on a plan for two months that would offer me mild improvement and temporary relief. I never imagined that first of all I would be able to pick up a pencil off the floor. And secondly, when I pick that pencil up I don’t notice the grind of each vertebrae or my rickety joints.
For eight months, in an attempt to minimize the pain & discomfort I visited the physical therapist, spoke to 3 doctors, one specialist, a chiropractor, another physical therapist and exercised with a personal trainer to no avail. The pain started at ten and I couldn’t get it below a six. The exercise helped. Everything else gave me relief for a couple of hours or maybe a day.
Dr. Pryce- you did it! Your methods made me feel 100% in 4 days. My pain and discomfort have been consistently at a zero for over two weeks now. I intend on continuing to work with you Dr. Pryce, because you made me feel like myself again. I am also going to exercise with the trainer, he helps me strengthen my core. The three of us will be associated for a long time, because a long term health solution is imperative. I tried everything without relief. Naturopathic Medicine has increased my quality of life and my ability to be a mover and shaker. Thank you for establishing a practice in Ann Arbor. We love ya!”
T.H. – Ann Arbor, MI


“THANK YOU for all you have done for me. I sing your praise to everyone who is told of my cancer drama last year. Your support, knowledge and kindness were SO appreciated and it has not been forgotten.”

Stacey G.

“In August 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 0 ductal carcinoma in situ breast cancer and sent to see a surgeon who recommended a lumpectomy with a 5 year follow-up plan of the drug Tamoxifen. As someone who is extremely health conscious and avoids taking any medication, I was very reluctant to go the conventional route. My sister began to help me research alternative treatments and discovered Dr. Samm Pryce, whose practice was located fairly close to where I live. At the time of my initial phone consultation, I was in a state of emotional distress, having waited nearly a month to see the surgeon to find out the seriousness of my diagnosis. Dr. Pryce listened patiently and compassionately to my story and concluded that she thought she could help me avoid having the lumpectomy through an aggressive approach in natural treatments. After a battery of blood tests, Dr. Pryce put me on a strict regimen of supplements and plant-based estrogen blockers. Taking a holistic approach of the physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to disease, Dr. Pryce also created a diet (including a book of delicious recipes!) that works specifically with my blood type and she also put me on homeopathic remedies. I had my follow-up mammogram in April 2012, 8 months after my initial diagnosis and am thrilled to say it came back clean with no signs at all of the previous microcalcifications. We will continue to closely monitor my breast health. I am so grateful to Dr. Pryce and the expertise and personal interest she took in me as her patient during such a scary and uncertain time.”

Mary G.

“For those of you who are not familiar with a Naturopathic Physician , I can tell you that you need to trust Dr. Pryce. She is thorough, dedicated and empathetic. She is also supportive and attentive to me. Daily checks on my health, supportive comments and showing that she cares about me as a person. I have breast cancer. My treatment plan includes chemotherapy. So, this is situation for me is serious. She takes it very seriously and treats me with a keen eye of respect, conviction to healing my body. The personalized protocol that Dr. Pryce prescribed to me is what keeps my body strong. There is a significant difference to how I feel when I am on the protocol and when I am off of it. My blood tests results have come back with normal measurements. I have not lost sleep or felt like the walking dead. You must be disciplined with taking the protocol according to Dr. Pryce’s guidance, eat according to your body’s dietary needs and be positive. That’s what I do every day. I will remain under the care of Dr. Pryce for years to come due to how my body has maintained strength as I go through chemotherapy. I thank God every day that I found her. I believe every day that I will heal from cancer and never get it again. I honestly know that the outcome of my condition would have been drastically different if I wasn’t being treated by her.”


“Thank you so much for spending so much time with me today. You made me feel so comfortable and supported through the appointment. Overall, I feel empowered and in control of my body. I learned so much thanks to your patience in teaching me. I’ve already shared a ton with a handful of my friends. I’m super excited about getting the results of putting all of my information together and making a plan to move forward!”

Tiffany M.

“As any mother would do I look at my daughter lovingly knowing just how much happiness and joy she has brought to my life. Children are the best gift you can ever receive. There is no way you can imagine your life without them in it. For me that is very bitter sweet, my child was born because of naturopathic medicine and if I did what the traditional MD’s told me to do she would not have been born. When I was 19 I suffered from a dermoid ovarian cyst which I had surgery on. After the surgery was over the left ovary could never be found again. I suffered many complications from this procedure which could not be treated using conventional medicine. I was always nauseas, in constant pain, and unable to do the things I used to. Many months after the surgery I began practicing the blood type diet which helped a lot with the pain and nausea I was suffering from at the time. About a month after I was on the diet I went back to my MD for my yearly check up. That is when my doctor told me I had another cyst on my right ovary she asked if I was able to drive myself to the hospital after my appointment because she was going to arrange for me to have surgery later that day. She wanted to completely remove my right ovary and have my eggs frozen so I could have children in the future. But removing the vital female parts is not a simple and as easy as my physician made it sound. It only took her fifteen minutes to diagnose me before she said to have surgery. She gave me no other options and said nothing else would work to make me better. Surgery had to be done there was no other way. But I know there had to be another way there right course of action to be taken and there must be a better way. So, I told my doctor I was not going straight to the hospital for surgery there had to be another way, and I was going to find it. She looked at me like I was crazy and simply let me walk out the door so I could find myself another treatment.

I did find another way that was the first time I had meet Dr. Pryce. She listened, she cared, she understood, and she know there was another way a better way. This is when I became a believer and a follower of Naturopathic medicine and the blood type diet. I spent several hours with Dr. Pryce at my first appointment I had never felt so calm and well cared for at a doctor’s office. Dr. Pryce gave me the care that all patients deserve. She made me feel like a person not just like another client. She had a vested interest in making me better, and she did. One month later I was back in my traditional doctor’s office, the one who wanted to remove my right ovary. I needed to get an ultrasound to see what was going on with my right ovary and if the cyst was still there. My doctor looked at me with an interested and puzzling gaze and she began to explain to me the results of the ultrasound. She said the cyst on your right ovary is gone. I said what? It’s gone, she repeated yes it is. She began to ask me what I did and how I did it. I essentially cured myself without surgery and without listening to my doctor. I told her I went to Dr. Pryce and did what she said to do and apparently it worked.

Dr. Pryce has changed my life forever. I could not imagine what my life would be like now if I had never met with her. The best thing in my life my daughter is because of her. If I never met with Dr. Pryce I would not have my daughter or the happiness and health I enjoy today. Dr. Pryce has been a true miracle in my life and the lives of all of her patients.”

Wilma P.

“This past summer I began to have some serious physical difficulties. I am a 48 year old female. Other than a car accident in 2004, I have lived a life fairly free of pain. In 2008 I had to have a complete hysterectomy. It completely changed my life and my body.

Because the ovaries are such a big part of how our bodies work, I began to suffer problems in the rest of my endocrine system. I started having big fluctuations in my thyroid, pancreas and adrenal glands. My condition worsened in the fall of 2009. I was diagnosed with a bevy of negative things. I am not drawn to Western Medicine, but I know that there is some prudence there. I live in Athens Georgia and couldn’t find the right Dr here. A friend went on line and found Dr. Meka Samm Pryce for me.

Dr. Pryce has become pivotal in my recovery. Her approach is far from the average, especially in regards to communication. She has made herself available to me by phone, text, e-mail and in person. She is well educated and experienced. I am due to have follow-up blood work done in the next few months, however, I can tell already that I am well again. I suffered exhaustion on an extreme level. My skin had turned gray, and was very dry. I have energy now, and rosy cheeks and my body is no longer dry. My mental clarity is back.

The Master Cleanse did an enormous amount for me in all aspects of my life. I had held onto childhood trauma and fear. The cleanse took that away. The SWAMI book with the list of foods that are best for me has been wonderful. I no longer suffer swelling in my belly after meals. There are many items that are good for my body and so it makes meal planning quite easy and pleasant. The vitamins and supplements she prescribed for me have been incredible.

In short, please try working with Dr. Pryce if you are feeling imbalanced. There is a lot of work to do on your side, but believe me the response from your body tells it all. I am a changed person because of the work she is doing. I have a new lease on life and a bright future. Before Dr. Pryce, I was facing a life of medication and disability. The world is my oyster once again.”

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